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We invite you to find yourself in an iodized setting, where nature and the spray are an integral part of your stopover. Simplicity, authenticity and conviviality will be found in each of our services. Discover our comfortable accommodation, our bistro, our lounge bar, our workshops and all the little extras that will make your stay a wonderful memory!

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The Hotel Le Noirmoutier
A story to discover

Let us tell you his story
An emblematic establishment

The Noirmoutier was born in 1901 under the name of “Chez Julie” according to its slogan “tourists and bathers, all come down here, because excellent food, we find ".

The building already has its white wooden arches and its colonial spirit. The Bosis family was the owner until 1965, when the Caumont family took over the business. This was followed by the Bodin family who also improved the establishment. We will have to wait until 2021 for our family to take up the torch of these women and men, who participated in making this site, exceptional and unique and which now belongs to the memory collective of the island of Noirmoutier and in the heart of Barbâtrins.

We advocate them every day Strong values

The whole team shares authenticity values such as family, conviviality and share. We want to offer you new experiences to allow you to reconnect with the things that seem essential to us. It’s a simple and timeless journey that awaits you.

What our customers think

We protect our environment Eco-responsibility

In 2023, respect for the environment is an integral part of our daily lives. As the hotel faces the sea,Natura 2000 label, we must protect this natural landscape which is dear to us. To do this, various actions are carried out within the establishment:

  • Respect and control of energy and water
  • The use of non-polluting and eco-responsible products
  • Waste treatment
  • Use of available raw materials
  • The reduction in the use of plastic
  • Providing alternative mobility transport such as cycling
  • Installation of low consumption lamps
  • Use of recycled paper

What are our next goals? Future projects

For the future, we want to work for the protection of our environment by implementing new eco-responsible actions.

We also want to become a tourist and cultural partner with the municipality.

Always serve our customers better in order to improve our skills and learn from everything around us.

For the rest, it’s up to you to continue writing the history of the Hôtel Le Noirmoutier